Ulyshala's Portrait

Racism, the black community & colorism : the experiences of Ulyshala

Ulyshala’s story Ulyshala is an African-American woman from Memphis, Tennessee. She is currently in Berlin and works as a freelancer videographer. Going to Berlin was spontaneous and unexpected. Indeed the opportunity presented itself to her and seized it. However she had some apprehensions before coming, to find herself in a place where the majority of

Felicia in a café

Felicia, her story and her project : Woke in Translation

Felicia’s story Where are you from? A difficult question for Felicia to answer Felicia is Filipino and Black American. She was born in the Philippines, stayed there for a while, then moved to the United States. She has lived in Hawaii, California, Louisiana, Colorado, Pennsylvania, Washington D.C and London for her graduate studies. She loved

Jade's portrait

Jade life’s experiences led her to realize who she really is

 Jade and her story Jade is 26, from Berlin. She grew up there all her life. She never studied because her passion is music. For a while, her parents were concerned because they wanted her to take a more traditional path, to pursue higher education. In order to prove to them that she is a

Thais in her thoughts

Thais, a woman much more than Brazilian

Thais, a Brazilian woman, comes from Rio. She came to Europe for her audiovisual studies. Then she stayed two years in Valencia, from 2014 to 2016 before coming to Berlin. She had to come back to Spain for visa problems. Why leave Rio? To find out something else and she had no reason to go