Living in the Middle East as a Latina woman

Social Issues

Heather is a-30-year-old Mexican-American and has also Amerindians backgrounds. She is currently studying International Development in Vienna. She also co-hosts a show at Radio Orange, called ZamZaman, where she and her friend introduce artists from all over the world. Heather has a lot of hobbies: reading, Vipassana meditation, feminism, traveling and more. Her travel experiences …

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Franco-Congolese, creative feminist and passionate about tech : Anne-Sophie’s portrait

Feminism and women's portraits Social Issues

Anne-Sophie and her new life in Berlin Anne Sophie has lived in Berlin for 1 year and a half. She is currently working in a startup. They pitch in with the application programmers by aiding them to monetize applications, through advertising, without users having to pay. Anne Sophie is in charge of the advertising campaigns …

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