My name is Aissa, I am 25 years old and I come from Nantes. I decided to launch my project in February 2018. The aim of this project is to fight stereotypes against women of color. The media often accentuate stereotypes and this has repercussions in daily life. That is what happened to me personally in Naples, Italy. Men saw me as a sexual object. When I walked down the street alone, some men would approach me because he thought I was a prostitute. Black and mixed race women are seen there as easy girls.

I tell myself that if a project like mine had been known all over the world, maybe I wouldn’t have had this experience. It is important for me to show our diversity, that we are women to respect. This project can affect all women because some problems affect all women. And then there’s only that I want and can do in my life. I want to contribute to something useful, to question things, to move things forward. So that other generations don’t have to know what I’ve known.

It was not easy for me to accept myself as a black person. I was mocked a lot by my skin colour judged too dark, my natural hair that was not beautiful, having different tastes, music for example and judged by the black community as music listened to by whites. I want to value our heterogeneity so that everyone can accept themselves as they are.

Contact : aissasica@gmail.com