Felicia in a café

Felicia, her story and her project : Woke in Translation

Felicia’s story Where are you from? A difficult question for Felicia to answer Felicia is Filipino and Black American. She was born in the Philippines, stayed there for a while, then moved to the United States. She has lived in Hawaii, California, Louisiana, Colorado, Pennsylvania, Washington D.C and London for her graduate studies. She loved

Ajjia's portrait

Aija and her desire to make a career in fashion

Aija’s story Aija is from Milwaukee, two hours from Chicago, in the state of Wisconsin. She studied fashion design in a private school but had to stop her studies for financial reasons. It’s his first time in Europe. She was a little apprehensive and at the same time looking forward to this new experience. She arrived

Jade's portrait

Jade life’s experiences led her to realize who she really is

 Jade and her story Jade is 26, from Berlin. She grew up there all her life. She never studied because her passion is music. For a while, her parents were concerned because they wanted her to take a more traditional path, to pursue higher education. In order to prove to them that she is a

Serita, a woman who decided to leave the United States

Serita’s life in Maryland Serita is from Maryland lived there all her life. She had no motivation to go the College. She did the assessment for militaries. All the high school students can participate in it. She placed very highly but her family was against it. So she decided to study Criminal Justice and be