What not to say to black people : please stop it :)

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Sentences not to say to black people: The worst I’ve ever heard

Very often when you are a black person, you face ignorance. At that moment human stupidity excels! We do not hear ridiculous things, questions that should not be asked, but we cannot prevent people from expressing themselves. Here is a little compilation of the worst I’ve ever heard, all those sentences that annoyed me, that clearly made me want to live on another planet. If I wrote all the stupid sentences I’ve been told I think this article would never end.

“I’m half black, look at my tattoos” What my little voice said to me: May God preserve you from intelligence

“Since you’re black, do you have black bones?” What I should have said: Do you really have a brain?

“Can you swim?” What I would have dreamed of saying: No, but I’ll learn quickly to sink you!

“That’s good you’re tan all year!” What I was thinking in my head: And you’re ugly all year, you assume I think it’s cool!

“Do you eat with your hands or with your cutlery at home?” My expression at the time:

the office eye roll GIF

“Do you tan?”  What was I saying in my head: Can you leave this earth?

“But so you don’t need sunscreen?” What I said: I’m tired of you asking me stupid questions.

“Is that your real hair, can I touch it?”  What I said: No I’m not animal

dont touch my hair hbcu vs pwi GIF by Blavity

Do you wash your hair? “What I should have said: Like you unless you don’t wash them.

“You have family in Africa, they live in a hut?” My real answer: It may seem incredible but houses exist.

“Can you do the accent, please?” from my former employer, when I was working for Foodora France, in Berlin.

are you afraid of the dark GIF

And last but not least!

“I’m white but I have a big black dick” What I could have said: You should have had some to make such a generalization.

Apparently, it’s not just me who’s fed up.

14 Things You Should Not Say To Black People

And what are the worst sentences you’ve ever heard? Or that you could say?

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