A brave woman confronted to ignorance

Joanne, a black woman globetrotter dealing with ignorance.

Joanne and her travelling instinct She is 30 years old. She was born in Paris and stayed there for 11 years. Then she moved to Montreal and lived there for a while. She did her Master in Geneva, Master in Development and Asian Studies. Thanks to her studies, she was able to do a six-month


Cassianne a woman full of positivity who watches over her community

Cassianne stands out for its positive attitude. When I spoke with her I felt good, welcomed, hopeful and energetic. For a long time her passion was basketball. She was captain of the Cayman Islands national team. She always thought about coming to live in Europe. Possessing a British passport was easier. She, therefore, inquired how

Potrait of Asha

Asha, the story of a young woman who has finally accepted herself.

Asha, 18-year old student. She grew up in South London until she was 11 years old and lived in France for a while before coming to Berlin. Asha’s mother is from New Zealand and her father is African-American. It wasn’t always easy to accept her black culture. She went through a long identity crisis before