Feminism, sexual identity and biphobia : Margot’s portrait

Margot is a queer student and feminist activist who tells us more about her experiences relating to her commitment to intersectional feminism, biphobia in the LGBTQ+ community and society, as well as her coming out. Opening up to feminism through literature:Margot’s challenge Margot comes from Grenoble, a city in southeastern France known for its landscapes

Carolina's portrait

Music, a way to help others for Carolina.

From Guadalajara to Vienna Carolina comes from Mexico, from Guadalajara, the second largest city located in western Mexico. After having worked as an au pair in Mexico and the United States, she decided to repeat the experience in Austria. Falling under the spell of the Viennese capital, she decided to stay there for her career

Alexia tells us more about being a person of colour in the artistic world

Some facts about Alexia Model and Singer, she has been living in Berlin for four years and a half. Her grandparents raised her in Detmold, a northwestern town located in the state of North-Rhine Westphalia. Growing up In Detmold has been not always easy. During her childhood, she was not particularly paying attention to her

Whitney, a young Ghanaian mom in Berlin

Whitney, from Amsterdam to Berlin She is a 25-year old woman, she comes from Amsterdam, where she lived all her life. After her studies in international trade, she settled in Berlin in November 2015 for professional reasons. She currently works in finance at BASF. It was also an opportunity for her to live abroad, to

The story of Martha, a mixed-race woman in Eastern Germany

Martha and her family in former GDR Martha, a 32-year-old woman, was born at Weimar, a small town of 65, 000 inhabitants in eastern Germany. She was only 4 years old when the reunification took place. Since the fall of the wall, the lives of her relatives have literally changed. For the first time, her

Franco-Congolese, creative feminist and passionate about tech : Here is Anne-Sophie’s portrait

Anne-Sophie and her new life in Berlin Anne Sophie has lived in Berlin for 1 year and a half. She is currently working in a startup. They pitch in with the application programmers by aiding them to monetize applications, through advertising, without users having to pay. Anne Sophie is in charge of the advertising campaigns

Mary, her philosophy and her point of view on Germany

Mary and her life in Berlin Mary, a 21-year-old woman from Berlin, works as a recruitment consultant in IT. She lived most of her life in East Berlin, in the Marzahn district, renowned for its racism. Her father is Ghanaian and her mother is German. Having grown up with her mother, the German culture is

Axelle and her involvement in the change of Martinique

Axelle’s experience Axelle is a 27-year-old Caribbean woman. She was born in Guadeloupe, moved to Martinique and at the age of 19, went to study at a business school in Reims and specialized in Communication and Marketing. She discovered Germany through an internship in Düsseldorf as part of her studies where she stayed three years,

Ulyshala's Portrait

Racism, the black community & colorism : the experiences of Ulyshala

Ulyshala’s story Ulyshala is an African-American woman from Memphis, Tennessee. She is currently in Berlin and works as a freelancer videographer. Going to Berlin was spontaneous and unexpected. Indeed the opportunity presented itself to her and seized it. However she had some apprehensions before coming, to find herself in a place where the majority of

Felicia in a café

Felicia, her story and her project : Woke in Translation

Felicia’s story Where are you from? A difficult question for Felicia to answer Felicia is Filipino and Black American. She was born in the Philippines, stayed there for a while, then moved to the United States. She has lived in Hawaii, California, Louisiana, Colorado, Pennsylvania, Washington D.C and London for her graduate studies. She loved

Ajjia's portrait

Aija and her desire to make a career in fashion

Aija’s story Aija is from Milwaukee, two hours from Chicago, in the state of Wisconsin. She studied fashion design in a private school but had to stop her studies for financial reasons. It’s his first time in Europe. She was a little apprehensive and at the same time looking forward to this new experience. She arrived

Jade's portrait

Jade life’s experiences led her to realize who she really is

 Jade and her story Jade is 26, from Berlin. She grew up there all her life. She never studied because her passion is music. For a while, her parents were concerned because they wanted her to take a more traditional path, to pursue higher education. In order to prove to them that she is a

Serita, a woman who decided to leave the United States

Serita’s life in Maryland Serita is from Maryland lived there all her life. She had no motivation to go the College. She did the assessment for militaries. All the high school students can participate in it. She placed very highly but her family was against it. So she decided to study Criminal Justice and be

A brave woman confronted to ignorance

Joanne, a black woman globetrotter dealing with ignorance.

Joanne and her travelling instinct She is 30 years old. She was born in Paris and stayed there for 11 years. Then she moved to Montreal and lived there for a while. She did her Master in Geneva, Master in Development and Asian Studies. Thanks to her studies, she was able to do a six-month

Cassianne a woman full of positivity who watches over her community

Cassianne stands out for its positive attitude. When I spoke with her I felt good, welcomed, hopeful and energetic. For a long time her passion was basketball. She was captain of the Cayman Islands national team. She always thought about coming to live in Europe. Possessing a British passport was easier. She, therefore, inquired how

Potrait of Asha

Asha, the story of a young woman who has finally accepted herself.

Asha, 18-year old student. She grew up in South London until she was 11 years old and lived in France for a while before coming to Berlin. Asha’s mother is from New Zealand and her father is African-American. It wasn’t always easy to accept her black culture. She went through a long identity crisis before

Thais in her thoughts

Thais, a woman much more than Brazilian

Thais, a Brazilian woman, comes from Rio. She came to Europe for her audiovisual studies. Then she stayed two years in Valencia, from 2014 to 2016 before coming to Berlin. She had to come back to Spain for visa problems. Why leave Rio? To find out something else and she had no reason to go

Come si vive quando sei una donna nera in Italia

Being a black woman in Italy

Being a black woman in Italy is not that easy. The image of black women in Italy as elsewhere is not grandiose. I could see this for myself by living the experience in Naples. I had not noticed that before coming to live in Naples, that black beauty was particularly appreciated in southern Italy. In